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Design Goals

The ea loudspeakers are two-way loudspeakers employing the Seas Excel Nextel drivers with a second order acoustic crossover.

As this was primarily a learning project for me my design goals for this project were simple: take high quality drivers and work them into a simple two-way loudspeaker utilising digital crossover emulation technology where possible to undestand the impact on the resulting sound. Also in my favour was that Troels Gravesen had designed a small two-way using the Seas Nextel bass driver and enclosure called the 'Eekels' should I run into trouble.


I really wanted to use the Seas Nextel drivers for this project as Seas seem to be leading the way in terms of the development of high quality, low distortion loudspeaker transducers. Secondly, the Nextel drivers have been reported to be much more forgiving than the Magnesium drivers which should simplify crossover design. The chosen drivers where selected due to their ability to cover large frequency ranges to aid the development of low-order crossovers... even for novices like me.


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