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Seas Excel T29CF001 (E0038) 29mm fabric dome tweeter

Seas Excel T29CF001 (E0038)

The Seas Excel T29CF001 (E0038) is a top of the line 29mm fabric dome tweeter. The faceplate is slightly concave creating a moderate horn loading which combined with a very strong Neodymium Iron Boron magnet system makes this tweeter extremely sensitive (Seas claim 93db at 2.83v). The tweeter faceplate uses the same Nextel coating as the rest of the Seas Excel Nextel range.

Seas Excel W12CY003 (E0044) 4 inch woofer

Seas Excel W12CY003 (E0044)

The Seas Excel W12CY003 (E0044) is the smallest of the Seas Excel woofers. This driver has the attractive Nextel finish with the great looking silver phase plug which in my opinion is much nicer than the copper used on the Seas Excel Magnesium line. Interestingly I spent quite some time listening to this driver fullrange without a baffle for some time and it sounds very impressive even solo.

Compared with the tweeter this driver is extremely inefficient (~83db at 2.83v) as to produce any bass from such a small box and driver requires an extremely inefficient driver. You can't beat physics.

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