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Replace a Tweeter Voice Coil

If you are reading this is it is likely you are kicking yourself for destroying a perfectly good tweeter. Don't worry. Fortunately Seas expected this kind of reckless behaviour and provides replacement voice coils for it's tweeters.

In this tutorial I will show you how to replace the voice coil in a Seas T29CF001 tweeter which I accidentially blew by turning off my soundcard before the amplifier while using digital crossover emulation software. I now use a minimum 30µF capacitor between the amplifier positive terminal and the tweeter positive terminal to prevent mishaps like this one.

Let's start with the tools. You will need:

Tools Required

  • A Torx® T-15 driver.

  • A replacement plastic voice coil assembly (available from somewhere like Madisound).

  • The original tweeter.

  • About 10 minutes.

Start by undoing the Torx® screws to remove the tweeter faceplate.

Tweeter with Torx screws loosened

Once undone, you should be able to easily remove the faceplate from the tweeter and you will find the plastic voice coil assembly.

The plastic voice coil assembly

Remove the plastic voice coil assembly and you will be able to see the driver magnet.

The driver with voice coil assembly removed

The underside of the voice coil assembly

Very carefully put the new plastic voice coil assembly into place so that the copper ring fits into the magnet gap. Be careful that you do not damage the delicate copper.

Once the voice coil is in place, attach the tweeter faceplate. Ensure that the red dots align so you can identify which terminal is positive.

The voice coil connectors

Tighten the Torx screws and you are done.

Congratulations... and be more careful next time.

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