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  1. Horn Build

    The real challenge of this build comes from trying to turn a 3D CAD model into a physical object. The benefits of the CAD modelling are huge as they largely remove the need to do math for some of the complex angles in a 3 dimensional space however they do…

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  2. Horn Modeling

    Given the complexity of designing a Synergy Horn very few programs are available to model the predicted response. HornResp will work to some extent but given the complexity only Akabak really has the power to do the job. Unfortunately Akabak will be unapproachable to many people unless they have a…

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  3. Horn Design

    Whilst reading about various DIY attempts at designing a Synergy Horn I came across an interesting quote that said that because you are designing in a 3D space something like a simple 60x60 degree horn does not contain any easy 60 degree angle cuts. Given this fact I thought why…

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